Veterinary offices increase revenues up to 30% with patient funding programs

Veterinary offices increase revenues up to 30% with patient funding programs

Many veterinary surgeons and doctors will recognize that a large proportion of their customers will refrain from treatment for pets due to their inability to pay directly. In many pet crises, the loving owners are forced to choose which treatment to give their pets when unexpected illnesses or injuries occur.

When pets are affected by cars, heat strokes, poison or toxicity, severity, fetal damage, allergic reactions, bloating and many other unfortunate health problems, the immediate costs sometimes overwhelm the owner.

Veterinary Office Managers too often see pets with incomplete treatment taken from the clinic in pain or discomfort. The sense of guilt and disappointment for the owners is as difficult to take when they see pets they love in pain and know that there really is no alternative they have until they get paid or can borrow the money to pay for treatments.

So what is happening? That patient may refuse the necessary treatment or will decide for a portion of what is needed, or the pet that needs further treatment will only get what the owner can afford right now.

There is a solution that many "veterinarians now use to help their patients get the required procedures and increase office revenue at the same time.

Vitality is important. Deep down I think every medical practice wants more business, but it is equally rewarding to know that it provides a valuable service that allows a cashpaying owner to pay for treatment. However, when it comes to financing customers to generate more business, the least needed by a doctor is to go into "collections or banking activities". Let me explain what I mean.

You provide pet and health care and you are good at it! Here is a cold, hard fact. If your customers do not have money, have to wait until they get paid or need 90 days to pay for your services, it does not matter how good you are. They just do not have the money and can not pay you for your service.

Down the economy has affected almost everyone to a certain extent. With vet income, many of the managers say its getting worse, the business is down by percent you fill it in.

Unfortunately, some of the customer financing programs that the Veterinary Office may end up having 90 days for payment or they are worried that the controls will not be cleaned and they must try to collect. Its not what you do you provide pets health care, you and your staff are not in the bill collection business.

Now you can offer your customers a 90 day no credit check / no interest customer financing program where you will be paid in full in 3 days with NO RECOURSE.

When I talk to the veterinary office managers about the customerfunded program I offer I usually get the same answer "Im already using such a program."

Then I ask, for pets, with the program you use how are you paid and how many times a week do you think you are using the program?

The answer usually goes like this: And here are the differences!

The "Veterinary Office" Customer Financing Program "we use has credit needs, and the patients FICO score often eliminates the program, so we can not use it as much as we would like if people can not qualify.

For pet and pet services, my answer must be yes, why not add anything else that will qualify a very large percentage of those who would otherwise go out without the necessary treatment. Its revenue that just goes out the door. The work of any good Office Manager is to increase revenues as well.

Facts are not all customer financing programs are the same, it is important to understand this. And the differences in how they pay and how they affect your patients can make the whole difference in the world an exercise.

Veterinary Office wants to increase your veterinary income but would you rather have a 90day customer finance program that paid you your full amount for 3 days with NO REMARKS to you and NO CREDIT CHECK / NO REMARKS for your customers. Or would you rather have a program where you had to wait up to 90 days to pay and still worry if the checks would be cleared before you paid or lost the earnings altogether.

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